5 Minutes With Artist Kate Florence

When bringing our Melbourne Showroom to life, we took the opportunity to work with and support other local designers and makers; from furniture and interiors to the art hung on our walls. We came across Melbourne-based artist Kate Florence's work on Instagram, and immediately fell in love with her aesthetic. We were lucky enough to have Kate custom make three original artworks for our showroom, all of which are available to purchase.

We've loved getting to know Kate over the past few months, and we recently asked her some questions about how she has been spending her time in isolation and a little about her artistic process.

How are you spending your time at the moment?
I am currently spending most of my time in my studio in Brunswick. I am taking this time as a opportunity to work freely and explore new areas of my practice that i previously didn't have the time to. Since isolation I have been having wild dreams most nights, so I am now exploring the depths of the unconscious mind through experimenting with colour, pattern and imagery I discover in my dreams. When I'm not in the studio i am usually studying my business course online at home, cooking or eating haha.

What are you currently enjoying reading/watching/listening to?
I am a big fan of podcasts, my faves are "How to Fail" with Elizabeth Day - "Under The Skin" with Russell Brand and "Happy Place" with Fearne Cotton. I'm currently reading "Playing to the Gallery" - by Grayson Perry - one of my favourite artists.

What are you cooking most at home?
I am such a foodie, food is the number one priority for me, I'm useless without it! As the days have got colder I have been making heaps of hearty winter foods, soups, veggie shepherds pie, fresh pasta and a weekly roast dinner. I found I really missed proper roasts when I first moved here from England, so the only way to serve that craving is to cook one myself! 

What are you most looking forward to when normalcy returns?
I can't wait to see and hug all my friends, also cant wait to be able to go out for dinner!

Tell us a little about your art and where you seek inspiration from?
I feel very privileged to be able to spend every day doing something I am so passionate about. Among many things, art is a therapy for me, it opens a window into the world and allows me to express things what i cannot be described with words. 

For past two years the majority of my inspiration has come from human forms and the relationships we form with ourselves and others around us. I studied a lot of psychology whilst at art school and i continue to read and explore the endless depths of the human mind, I find it SO fascinating! Through this research I have learnt a lot of things that I have been able to apply to my own life, to understand myself and other people better. As an artist, it's the physical process of making that drives me, I am very much a trial and error process, I learn through failing at something, then trying it again and again each time learning from the experience. I often create my best work when I don't apply any pressure to myself and just my hands freely explore the material. 

How did you go about creating the custom pieces for our showroom? What is your process like?
I start by drawing some rough ideas in a sketchbook to gather some ideas and to warm up my hand/eyes. Once I have gaged an idea of what I am thinking then I go straight in on the large scale piece. I have learnt not to overthink or over plan my drawings, as no two drawings can ever be the same. I find i lose the energy of the line when I am too concerned about what it's going to look like. I work first in pencil and try not to take my hand off the paper at all, then go in with black ink/crayon. I have one chance to get it right once I work with ink, you can't make changes to it. So if something goes wrong or I accidentally smudge something (which I often do) I have to start all over again! I take some time in choosing gradually which areas to build up, as its important to have thicker lines and darker areas with large scale works, otherwise the lines get lost. 

What is your go-to feel good outfit?
Hmmmm I always like getting dressed in nice clothes, but since iso I have been living in jumpers, hoodies and baggy jeans - you just can't go wrong!


Kate's beautiful artwork is available to purchase, see details on size and pricing below or email us at hello@friendswithfrank.com for more info. You can also book in an appointment with us to view her works here.

"Sitting With Me" and "Embrace"

$800 AUD each, sold seperately or in a pair

73cm x 97cm

Tasmanian oak box frame

"Conscious Beings"

$1350 AUD

141cm x 102cm

Tasmanian oak box frame

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