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Caring For Your Fur


friends with frank garments are meticulously hand-woven by experienced craftspeople, using a traditional technique. Although of the highest quality, being handwoven means our garments are still delicate (like any real fur) and will benefit from your care, both when in storage and when wearing. The below tips will help you enjoy your FWF purchase for years to come (including the acquiring of admirers every time you wear it!):

    • When not wearing during the warmer months, hang your garment in a coolish environment (real fur is not a lover of heat)
      • When travelling, we suggest you store your garment in a cotton bag. Do not use plastic as it does not allow the fur to breathe
        • Store away from sunlight or bright light to avoid fading
          • Avoid spraying perfume or chemicals directly on the fur
            • Airing out your fur is the most effective way to naturally clean your garment. However, if you have stained your fur garment (e.g. had an unfortunate red wine incident) and absolutely must clean it, we suggest you use a fur specialist dry cleaner, who has cleaned knitted fur garments before. (Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by your chosen dry cleaner.)


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