FRIENDS WITH FRANK garments are meticulously hand-woven by experienced technicians, who have been practising this traditional technique for many years. Although of the highest quality, being handwoven means our garments are especially delicate and will benefit from your care, both when in storage and when wearing. The below tips will help you prolong the life of your garment and enjoy your FWF purchase for years to come.




Airing out your fur is the most effective way to naturally clean your garment. One of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your fur garment is to avoid getting your garment professionally cleaned. The concern with professionally cleaning fur, is that this will speed up the process of drying out the natural oils in the fur pelts, which will eventually cause the fur material to become brittle and look worn. However, if you absolutely must dry-clean your garment (e.g. had an unfortunate red wine incident), we strongly recommend using a fur specialist dry cleaner, specifically one who has cleaned knitted fur garments before. Our pieces cannot be taken to just any dry-cleaner for cleaning, and should never be put in a washing machine or dryer. friends with frank pieces must be dry cleaned by a trusted fur specialist dry cleaner only. Please note we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by your chosen dry cleaner. For our Victorian customers, we recommend Laundry Box Organic Dry Cleaners, with stores in Williamstown, Port Melbourne and Elwood. If you mention you are a friends with frank customer, you are entitled to 15% off your service.



Store away from sunlight or bright light (preferably in a coat closet) to avoid fading, discolouration or the drying out of your fur.



Avoid spraying perfume or chemicals directly on the fur. Perfume and hairspray contain alcohol, which can dry out the fur and even cause discolouration. 



When not wearing during the warmer months, hang your garment in a cool, dark environment as real fur is not a lover of heat. Ensure it has room to breathe and it’s not crushed between other hanging garments.  



Air circulation is important for fur pieces so that they don’t dry out. When travelling, we suggest storing your garment in a cloth bag, preferably in your friends with frank cotton travel bag. Every order placed on our online store will arrive in one, or you can also purchase it separately here. Avoid storing your fur in a plastic bag as it does not allow the fur to breathe.


Our pieces are made to last. With the right care, your FWF piece will be an everlasting friend in your wardrobe for many years to come. If you have any further questions about caring for your fur, please email