Friends with Frank stands for quality, timelessness and beauty in simplicity. FWF was born in 2012 out of the belief that the key to a great wardrobe is having good quality staples that last the test of time. Drawing on her love of winter fashion and quality outerwear, Julia McCarthy began with the bestselling Frank Jacket, a hand-woven rabbit fur jacket in a classic cut. Since then, FWF has become a go-to Australian label for timeless wardrobe staples.

The FWF philosophy is simple. We design almost exclusively in classic cuts and shapes, complemented by a soft, wearable colour palette and high-quality materials. We believe simplicity is best, and in quality over quantity, always. When designing, we carefully consider the lifespan of our garments and avoid trends that will become obsolete in a season or two. Our ultimate wish is to simplify everyday dressing, by creating versatile, quality pieces that give you great joy to wear.
FWF pieces are sold exclusively through our e-boutique and in selected boutiques Australia-wide, each of our stockists ordering in advance so their stock is made-to-order, minimising waste and over-consumption.
Designed in Melbourne, Australia, the majority of our pieces are then crafted in China; with some select designs manufactured with local makers here in Melbourne. With a focus on producing responsibly, production runs are carefully sized to avoid excess, and technician working arrangements are vetted to ensure employees experience a comfortable, safe and respectful working environment.

We have been working closely with our valued production teams, mostly family-owned and run businesses. Some of which we've been working with for over seven years and counting. We visit our production teams in the Zhejiang Province of China when we can, to work together on developing new designs and overseeing the production process. Their expert craftsmanship, dedication to premium quality and attention to detail is critical to us building our collections, and we hope you get an opportunity to experience their work.