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FRIENDS WITH FRANK stands for exceptional quality, effortless luxury and the celebration of craftsmanship. As a brand, we believe in quality over quantity when it comes to building a capsule wardrobe of carefully curated pieces.

Label owner Julia established the label in 2012, to bring quality fur pieces to the Australian market at an affordable price point; realising a serious gap in the market after searching for herself to no avail for several years.

Since then, we have built our brand on our belief in creating classic, quality pieces that stand the test of time. The several best-selling core styles we offer every season are a testament to their thoughtful design and timeless shapes. Luxuriously soft and instantly warming, our collection of outerwear proves you don’t have to compromise on style during the cooler months.

Our design philosophy is to create pieces that become the most loved item in your winter wardrobe. That piece you always feel good in; a staple you reach for season after season. A true luxury investment that with the right care, will become a lasting friend in your wardrobe for years to come.

In addition to Australia, FRIENDS WITH FRANK is now sold in the United States, as well as the UK and New Zealand.



Designed in Melbourne, Australia, our pieces are then hand-crafted by experienced, skilful technicians in China, who have been practising this traditional weaving technique for decades. Each piece can take up to three days to make, woven and stitched meticulously by hand.

With a focus on being a responsible participant in the fur market, production runs are carefully sized to avoid excess, all raw materials are sourced as certified by-product, and technician working arrangements are vetted to ensure employees experience a comfortable, safe and respectful working environment.

We have been working closely with our valued production team, a family-owned and run business, for over six years and counting. We visit our production team in the Zhejiang Province of China every year to work together on developing new designs and overseeing the production process. Their expert craftsmanship, dedication to premium quality and attention to detail is critical to us building our collections, and we hope you get an opportunity to experience their work.



At a time where we increasingly turn to “slow” and sustainable fashion, fur has a deep and rich heritage, boasting an ancestry of 100,000 years. It is also a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource.

FRIENDS WITH FRANK pieces are made to last. The tradition of fur being handed down and restyled through generations is a nostalgic concept at the very core of our brand. We design pieces that are special to and cherished by their owners, pieces they will be proud to pass down to the next generation. As consumers increasingly turn away from our "throw-away" culture and look for sustainable alternatives, we believe fur will be recognised for its longevity and general sustainability. 

Freedom of choice sits at the heart of the conversation about real fur. If someone doesn't want to wear fur or leather, or consume meat, they have every right to make and exercise that choice. Importantly, the reverse also applies: we believe that you are not answerable to anyone for a decision to consume meat or buy fur. Life is full of circumstances and preferences that are unique to you, and decisions which are yours alone to make. Different factors such as sustainability, personal style, ethics and environmental considerations all hold different priorities for each individual when making a personal choice.

At FRIENDS WITH FRANK, we choose to wear real fur for a variety of reasons. The incomparable warmth, quality and soft touch that only comes with real fur; the longevity, and timelessness. For us and many others, fur is and will continue to be a luxury piece which is undoubtedly a privilege to wear, season after season.

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