Photo Diaries: Bec Long of Denton House

From being raised on the Gold Coast to now having Europe at her doorstep, our latest photo diary comes from Bec Long, founder of new FWF stockist Denton House. Composed in and around London, Bec’s photo diary reflects her love for transseasonal dressing, dining out, and her minimalist sense of style.

"When it comes to getting dressed, I know I’m my most confident when I'm comfortable, and I’m my most comfortable in something a touch oversized. I would describe my personal style as classic and minimal, and lately, I’ve been non-stop reaching for the FWF Felicity Denim Trousers and Thomas Coat – which are the epitome of this."

"Living in Europe allows me to draw inspiration from exploring new cities, local markets, galleries, and my personal favourite – indulging in new restaurants."

"At Denton House, we're focusing on providing the building blocks to a wardrobe filled with hardworking, timeless, and versatile pieces – each collection drop is designed to complement one another, creating a transseasonal collection. We don't want to overcomplicate the shopping experience, we want it to feel simple, inspiring, and intuitive."

 Shop Friends with Frank via Denton House here.

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