Fabric Focus | Alpaca

Beautifully textural and fluffy in appearance, our new season Alfie Knit and Scarf are crafted from a luxurious alpaca wool blend. As part of our Fabric Focus series, we take a closer look at the many reasons why we love working with alpaca wool.

Alpaca is soft, airy and extremely warm. We love alpaca wool because it’s one of the warmest and most sustainable wool fibres to work with, generating a long lasting and breathable heat. Our alpaca knitwear is responsibly made and OEKO-TEX® certified.

Alpaca knitwear is durable and strong — a lifelong addition to your winter wardrobe.


Caring for your knitwear correctly can go a long way in ensuring its longevity. Alpaca knitwear is naturally odour-resistant, stain-repellent and antibacterial. Natural fibres benefit from infrequent washing or cleaning, however when required, we recommend specialist dry clean only. Fold, never hang; like all knitwear, your Alfie Knit will lose shape if it is hung on a hanger. Alpaca wool may naturally pill or shed. An inherent characteristic of all natural fibres, this does not indicate the quality of your knitwear but rather, authenticates it. The textural nature of alpaca means that pilling is not usually noticeable, however to remove pills, simply lie the garment flat after washing, and use a cashmere comb or garment bristle brush to brush gently in one direction. Taking the time to complete this process is always worthwhile — your garment should look as brand new as the day you bought it!



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