5 Minutes with Julia Mechielsen

While in the depths of planning Autumn ’23, a chance encounter with Julia’s maroon-dyed artworks became the perfect way to help bring our collection colour palette to life in store. Matching seamlessly back with our A23 campaign, we reached out to Julia to collaborate, feature her works in our Melbourne Showroom and in turn, get to know the creative mind behind the works.

Now a friend of the brand, we took time out to further understand Julia’s identity as an artist and what influences her design decisions, both in her home and her wardrobe.

Introduce yourself to the FWF community; tell us a little about you, your background and what you do.

Hi! I’m Julia, an artist and mother from Brisbane. I spend my days chasing after my toddler, drinking too much coffee and when I have a moment to breathe, making art.

Your works pair with our newly launched Autumn ’23 collection so seamlessly. What is the inspiration behind these pieces?

They are inspired by my son’s babycino kisses and fresh autumn mornings.

Prior to working as an artist, you were part of the corporate world. How did you manage that transition, and what advice would you give others looking to make a similar change?

It actually happened naturally... I needed a creative outlet during my last weeks of pregnancy and decided to paint a piece for our kitchen. After sharing it on Instagram, a friend reached out wanting to buy the artwork. She gave me the courage and confidence to create and share more.Painting became a much needed form of meditation through those first difficult months of motherhood. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to turn this creative outlet into a part time job.My advice would be to use Instagram and socials to your advantage. Before leaving my job, I would post images of interiors and artwork on my Instagram and had grown a small following of friends with similar interests. Although it was never planned, it happened to be the perfect client base for when I started to sell my artwork. If you create something, post it! Sure, someone will think it’s ugly, but plenty won’t.

“I want to know I am going to look and feel great without having to run to the shops to buy something new.”

What has been your proudest achievement to date as an artist?

Ummm, this!!!

Your home is beautiful. What effect does a well curated interior have on you?

Ah, thank you! A well curated interior is everything to me. I know that sounds ridiculous, but the effect it has on my mental health is incredible. I spend so much time at home, it has to be a place I enjoy being in.

"A well curated interior is everything to me. I spend so much time at home, it has to be a place I enjoy being in."

How would you describe your personal style?

Since having my son, my style has changed significantly. I spend the weekdays in black workout wear that I know will eventually get destroyed by either mud at the park, or dye in the front yard. I now value the importance of having chic, timeless, go-to pieces in my wardrobe that I can reach for on the weekends or a spontaneous midweek dinner date with my husband. I want to know I am going to look and feel great without having to run to the shops to buy something new.

If there was one look you had to select from our Autumn ’23 collection, what would it be and why?

The Sleeveless Cleo Top and Skirt. This outfit is versatile and exactly what I’m looking for in my wardrobe. So chic!

What’s next for you?

Travel. I’m desperate to get overseas again! As for the day to day… creating, laughing and eating lots of good food.

Julia has two artworks on display and available to purchase at our Melbourne Showroom. Both pieces have been hand-dyed on raw canvas and framed in Tasmanian Oak. To enquire about these pieces please email 

Photography by Brie Conomos

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