Photo Diaries: Lara Cooper

 Our first photo diary of SS22 comes all the way from Italy, via our very own Assistant Brand Manager, Lara. Catching the tail end of the European summer, Lara’s entry is saturated by sunlight, spanning moments spent in small beachside towns and the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.

“Three weeks in Italy was purely about the joy of the unknown, simple pleasures and searching for beauty in the everyday.”

"I challenged myself to fully immerse into my new environment - which as a photographer, meant leaving my DSLR at home.

Reduced to just an iPhone in hand, I found it especially freeing to capture the moment as it came, imperfect, yet authentic. For me, this was the ultimate lesson in letting go."

“The leisurely lifestyle of beaching, dining, and aimless wanderings requires an equally as effortless approach to outfitting. Slipping into my Cleo Mini Dress, Willa Skirt and Wide Leg Trousers felt like an obvious choice for me; uncomplicated yet refined.”

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