Introducing the FWF Monogram

Today we launch a Friends with Frank monogram: a symbolisation of the three letters that over the years have come to go hand-in-hand with our brand. 

This is a purposeful step in the evolution of Friends with Frank. The deliverable – a deliberate but considered monogram – closely reflects the process required to create it.

The Process

Taking several years and countless iterations and workshops, the design process of our monogram was led by our in-house Creative Lead, Laura MacKinnon, whose intimate knowledge of our brand aesthetic enabled her to capture it in such a simple yet elegant representation.

Blending elements of handwritten script and serif text, our new monogram embodies a pared back and classic approach to design – keeping true to the overarching FWF design ethos.

Embroidered in Melbourne

Autumn ’23 and beyond welcomes the introduction of embroidered monogramming on select pieces – a subtle way to elevate our otherwise understated approach to design.


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