Introducing our new Fitzroy Flagship Store

We're proud to announce the opening of our first flagship store, a space where customers can become fully immersed in the essence of FWF. ⁠Our flagship boutique marks a new chapter and very special milestone in our brand story. Located at 120 Gertrude St in Fitzroy, Melbourne, we’re delighted to join a precinct with such a rich heritage and creative community spirit. ⁠

Designed by Georgina Jeffries, the store features vintage pieces harmoniously fused with contemporary details, purposefully selected to convey a sense of individuality and personality. The interiors celebrate the imperfections and uniqueness of the Heritage building with rich, bloodstone-coloured paint on the facade and a calming, pared-back palette inside.⁠

"Guided by the brands ethos we set out to slow down the retail experience allowing for an attuned and nurtured experience of the space, that brings focus to a unique customer journey." 
- Georgina Jeffries
"Encased in floor-to-ceiling sisal carpet, the dressing room area is a warm and cocoon-like space; a space where customers can look forward to building head-to-toe looks with the advice of our store stylists, as if they were doing so in their own wardrobe."
- Julia McCarthy
"As with all of our projects, we collaborate with expert craftspeople and artisans to create custom pieces for each space along with sourced vintage pieces found purposefully to act as almost works of art providing a uniqueness and sense of individuality."
- Georgina Jeffries
Interior Design by Georgina Jeffries, @georgina_jeffries
Photography by Lillie Thompson, @lillie_thompson

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