120 Gertrude St — Introducing our Limited Edition Zine

To celebrate the launch of our new Gertrude St home, we brought together six local creatives across art, food, music and fashion to create a limited edition zine. Shot by Victoria Zschommler in the streets of Fitzroy, we got their take on home, seeking inspiration, and all things Melbourne.

Pick up your copy in store now, exclusively available at our new Fitzroy flagship store.

Julia McCarthy (@jul__mac) — FWF Founder & Creative Director

Miriam Al-Noah (@mealswithmim) — Brand Manager & Cook

Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow (@ivanamartynzyznikow) — Photographer

Dom Gattermayr (@domgattermayr) — Chef and Restaurant Co-Owner

Zhu Ohmu (@zhu.ohmu) — Artist

Chloe Naughton (@chloejnaughton) — Studio Manager & Consultant

Brooke Addamo (@thisisowleyes) — Singer & Songwriter

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