Photo Diaries: Tabatha Turner

Stylist and creative consultant Tabatha Turner takes her photo diary to France during a recent month-long visit. View Paris through her creative lens and discover her must-try recommendations; from her favourite spot for 12€ moules frites, to the vintage store that no one talks about.

STAY: If you’re airbnb’ing - anywhere along the canal in the 10th. If hotel-ing, it’s Hotel Chateau Voltaire for the pillows and private hammam, or Hotel La Maison for a comforting welcome, hot off the 25+ hour ride from Australia. I usually book one night here on arrival to ease into Paris time.

VISIT: Come On Eileen in the 3rd, 11th, or the one in the 18th that no one really talks about. Saint-Ouen on the weekend, break for 12€ moules frites half way at the place with the red and blue paper tablecloths… you can’t miss it.

RESET: Hammam Pacha in the 6th, get the scrub add-on and stay all day. Biologique Recherche for that facial that changed your skin forever. Elaine NG Huntzinger for acupuncture, a buccal massage, and a schooling in facial massage for life.
BREAKFAST: An americano at Ten Belles, Dreamin’ Man, or IO next to OFR Books (add in a croissant there, they look dense but will surprise you with their fluffiness). Alternatively, a pot-set yogurt and jar of homemade stewed pomme et fraises from the supermarché Miyam.

DINNER: A plate of blistered capsicums, comté, 
baguette, and a bottle of whatever orange is recommended at Aux Deux Amis in the 11th with a girlfriend.

DANCING: The new sound room at Deviant with mirrored floors, giving 1964 space-age Courreges. Fréquence or Bambino in the 11th. Anywhere on the street when summer hits.

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