Photo Diaries: Miriam Al-Noah

From growing up in a creative family and studying fashion design, to now working as a Brand & Content Marketing Manager, while hosting private dinner events and posting over at @mealswithmim in her spare time, cooking is one of Miriam's creative endeavours that really stuck.

A photo diary captured in Hobart and the rugged Tasmanian landscape, Miriam Al-Noah's entry encapsulates her love of food, appreciation for design, and eclectic sense of style.

"My style across various mediums like fashion, music and art is rather eclectic. I spent a year studying fashion design and whilst I didn’t go down this path, I definitely still have a huge interest in understanding the formation of a beautiful piece of clothing. My eyes are constantly drawn towards thoughtfully created, unique items that I will have for many years."

"I took my FWF pieces over with me for a weekend away in Tasmania with some close friends. I’ve travelled to Tasmania several times and each trip I return home excited for my next visit. With my love of food, I’m naturally drawn to all of the amazing restaurants, bars and pubs in Hobart and its surrounds."

"We spent a couple of chilly nights at a beautiful off-the-grid cabin on Bruny Island. Tucked away in the bush, we cooked all of our food on the fire oven and had outdoor baths looking out to the trees - a very special weekend out of the city."

"I always make sure to choose clothes that not only make feel confident but also provide comfort, as I believe that comfort 
is key to feeling your best."

"The Willa Dress is a perfect example of a piece that I will reach for and slip on, that can easily be dressed up or down."


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