Fabric Focus | Recycled Polyester

Introducing our Fabric Focus series, where we take a closer look at the fabrics and fibres that make up your FWF pieces. Our latest Spring ’20 arrivals - the Lillian Coat and Cecile Jacket - are crafted from 100% certified recycled polyester. Below we explore this versatile fabric, including its environmental benefits and the innovative process used to make it.

The Fabric

The Lillian Coat and Cecile Jacket are made from certified recycled polyester. The ECO CIRCLETM fibres used to make these garments are created from post-consumer plastic PET waste, such as water bottles or old clothing.

The Process

Recycling virgin polyester waste prevents plastic from ending up in landfill or our oceans. Suitable PET waste is first collected, then shredded and recycled into textile yarn. This recycled polyester yarn is then woven into high quality fabric, which can be used to manufacture clothing.

The Benefits

Our design philosophy prioritises the use of natural fibres, but working with recycled synthetics sometimes offers superior functionality. Crafted from 100% recycled polyester, our new season quilted outerwear pieces are lightweight, durable and water-repellant.

The Impact

Recycled polyester uses significantly less energy during production than virgin polyester, with an estimated 80% reduction in CO2 emissions. Utilising existing materials means that no new fossil fuels are extracted, and it is possible to recycle them over and over again. This closed-loop recycling system gives virgin polyester another life.

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